what you'll learn

  • Basic Cryptocurrency concepts

    You'll learn the ins and outs of Cryptocurrency. You'll be explaining what a blockchain is to your friends in no time!

  • How Cryptocurrency works

    You'll have a unique understanding of how Cryptocurrency works and exactly how to invest in it.

  • What NOT to do

    Learning what NOT to do is huge when discovering Cryptocurrency. Glen James will take you through red flags to look out for to protect your investing journey!

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Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    1. The history & the basics of Cryptocurrency

    • Glossary of terms

    • The history and the basics

  • 3

    2. Coins, Networks, Exchange and Wallets

    • Coins, Networks, Exchanges, and Wallets

  • 4

    3. The case for Cryptocurrency

    • Market Cap

    • Adaption

  • 5

    4. Real life examples

    • "Blue Chip" currencies

  • 6

    5. Buying Crypto

  • 7

    6. Intro to DeFi

    • Intro to DeFi and NFT

  • 8

    7. Resources

    • Where to go to learn more